House Call

The final project at the School of Information, UC Berkeley

Heart failure is one of the most frequent causes of both hospitalization and hospital readmission among the elderly. Our project, House Call, explores how an in-home health monitoring system could reduce readmission for heart failure patients recently released from the hospital. Using biomedical sensors, we have designed a daily check-in system which provides the patient with resources to better understand, and thus manage, their condition.

Data Mining with Tweets

Date: Jan, 2012 - May, 2012
Group project with Aijia Yan
Advisors: Irwin King and Jim Blomo

We mined and analyzed a set of Tweets 1.3GB in size, covering 20 movies. Using Python, Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), R, and Microsoft Excel (yes, Excel is awesome), we explored various aspects of the data; for example:
  • Languages
    • Do different movies get tweeted by users who speak substantially different languages?
    • Which movie is tweeted by the most diverse population in terms of user language? 
  • Sentiments
    • How have the sentiments changed throughout the time?
    • Is there a significant difference in sentiments across the movies? (Yes)
    • For a movie, could its Tweet sentiment be different before and after the release? (For some)
  • Box office
    • Can we predict box office results with the data set?
    • Turned out we cannot do that for 20 movies as a whole, but we were able to find statistically significant models predicting daily box office results for some of the movies individually (Adjusted R-squared > 0.70, p-value < 0.001)

In the end, visualizations were created using Tableau. 


Information Visualizations  

Date: Jan, 2012 - May, 2012
Group projects

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Show Me the Money: California Campaign Donations in January 2012             

Perfect Cup

Date: Jan, 2012 - May, 2012
Group project with Emily Barabas, Arthur CheBryan Rea, Qianqian Zhao
Advisor: Tapan Parikh

Perfect Cup was a User Interface Design and Development class project where we looked at the quality of coffee focusing on the specialty coffee industry. We conducted research with coffee roasters in the Bay Area to better understand their specific needs and supply chain. We also interviewed specialty coffee drinkers. We then created wireframes, low-fidelity, and high-fidelity prototypes through multiple iterations. Eventually we conducted usability testing with our hi-fi prototype. 



Service Procurement System Design

Date: Aug - Dec, 2011
Group project with Kay Ashaolu, Lizzy Ha, and Gaurav Shetti
Advisor: Bob Glushko

Information Systems and Service Design class project; We worked with Marriott Hotels and conducted interviews with company stakeholders and software partners, gathered requirements, and created prototypes of proposed system designs;